Ninja Saga: 1 Hit Hunting House [CE Version]

First, Download data HP Boss: Download
  1. Open the cheat engine
  2. Select a process then choose “plugin-container.exe” (Must Firefox)
  3. Go to the Hunting House then choose the boss you want to battle
  4. Then scan the HP of the boss you are battling
  5. In cheat engine scan type “exact value”, value type “4 bytes”
  6. After Scanning dont touch anything yet,you can see all values are the same
  7. After Scaning:
  8. Now click attack
  9. Go back to CE and look for the value that changes after attacking
  10. After attack:
  11. Now double click that value right above the value that have changed after attacking
  12. Change the value to 10 and attack again (this is your second attack,but if you have pet with you,the pet will do the 3rd attack)
  13. And Bang!!You have Killed the BOss
  14. You can now choose another boss to attack! ^_^
Credit to: GKS
Edited by Me
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