Melihat Isi File Rar, Zip, dll, Sebelum Didownload
Buat yg pake mozilla

pasang addons mozilla berikut :



Version 0.7.1
Works with Firefox: 2.0 – 3.5.*
Updated August 8, 2008

ArchView can open archive file online without downloading the whole archive. Just like normal web pages. It is very fast since it merely fetches a small portion of the archive file from server. ArchView supports RAR, ZIP formats and ISO CD image; HTTP, FTP and file: protocols. And it can present XUL or HTML interface.

Support for this add-on is provided by the developer at


* Directly access archive files on Web or FTP server.
* List the catalog of archive file.
* Open or download an individual file.
* Support RAR and ZIP archives and ISO CD image.
* Support HTTP, FTP and file: protocols.
* Can present HTML or XUL interface.
* Only fetch necessary data rather than the whole archive file.
* Work together with Firefox, easy to use.
* Platform independent, (theoretically) support all platforms that Firefox can run.


* Can't open SFX file.
* Not support multi-volumn archive.
* Not support RAR decoding, need third-party software.
* Can't open encrypted file in ZIP.
* Can't show RAR comment.


* English version of user manual. (Simplified Chinese version and Google's translation)
* Support 7-Zip format.

fitur addons ini bisa nerawang isi file Rar, Zip, ISO, dll. tapi harus direct link tentunya (HTTP, FTP).

jadi kalo filenya ada di filehosting (rapid, mega, dll) disulap dulu gih ke direct link pake rapidleech

Kalo udah dipasang addonsnya, trus buka alamat direct link file arsipnya di mozilla kamu...nah udah keliatan tuh isinya

Selain pengguna mozilla,
kamu juga bisa nerawang juga pake sopwer yg namanya loadscout. donlot aja di sini :


1. Kalo ragu mau donlot di password apa nggak...silahkan aja dileech dulu trus buka tuh linknya dimozilla..ntar keliatan gambar gemboknya warna merah di filenya..itu tandanya file arsipnya dipassword. ato kalo archview gak kebaca (corrupted) itu bisa jadi dipassword (+encrypt file name).

2. Buat non aktifinnya..tinggal klik aja icon archview dibawah...


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